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Why building genuine links back to your site is the only way to go!

Why building genuine links back to your site is the only way to go!

Following  a recent post by paid link service BuildmyRank they have confirmed the Google continues on its mission for honest SEO and the value of genuine-not purchased links.

Read the original article here.

The idea behind this is simple, a genuine link from another site is telling Google that you website or webpage rocks for the subject matter on the page – or better still for the link text word/phrase.

Buying links is now being actively punished by Google because it falls into the new ‘Over SEO’ed’ negative scoring that we now see from Google.

If you are reading this and wondering ‘So how can I just go and get these real links?’ One of the best ways is to produce something of interest or value, some examples below-

A free WordPress Plug-in
A great blog article
A widget that people can embed on there web pages
A great resource or how to video

You get the idea, produce great content and include a link beck to your chosen URL making sure you choose your researched keyword/keyphrase as the link text – like this,

Great Web Design.

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